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Best Places to Get Eyelash Extension Certified

Woman doing eyelash extension procedure in beauty salon

Eyelash extension certification is essential for a variety of reasons. The first is the need to know about the safety and health issues surrounding the application of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions can be extremely sensitive and should be applied only by a licensed esthetician. This ensures that no harmful chemicals or ingredients are used on the client’s eyes. Another reason to seek certified training is to ensure the artist can work around any allergies.

If you’re interested to become an eyelash technician, you should first consider getting trained at a reputable school. There are many options to choose from, including Lash Training Center, Rizzieri School, NovaLash, and Lash Tribe. All these schools have excellent reputations and provide thorough training and lash extension certification.

Lash Training Center

The fashion industry is vast, and there are many opportunities for those adept at enhancing the beauty of the eyes. Adding eyelash extensions is one of these opportunities. The eyes are the center of attraction, and as the saying goes, “when eyes meet, the world changes.” If you want to learn how to apply lashes to clients, the Lash Training Center is the best place to go to get certified.

The Lash Training Center offers different levels of training. The classic basic course is best for beginners and beauticians who would like to provide comprehensive services and attract more clients. This course covers theory and practical skills and includes practical work on a live model. Afterward, you can upgrade to the volume pro class to expand your business and earn more. The volume pro course also includes foolproof marketing tips.

Lash Tribe

If you are interested in eyelash extension certification, Lash Tribe is an excellent choice. The award-winning lash boutique offers extensive training from experts in the industry, including videos and interactive courses. Courses cover topics like hygiene, sanitation, safety, and product knowledge. You will also learn the proper removal and aftercare procedures. The program also provides tips for marketing and advertising your services.

Rizzieri School

A cosmetology license is necessary to perform eyelash extensions. Rizzieri Aveda School’s program teaches the art and science of eyelash extension, makeup application, and skin care. The course is affordable and available for part-time students. It also includes fundamental business skills. You’ll learn all you need to know to become a successful esthetician.


NovaLash is one of the leading companies for eyelash extension training and certification. Its associates are trained by the best lash artists in the world, and their training is backed by continuous training opportunities. They learn physician-developed techniques and use human-safe adhesives, unlike competitors who use an industrial-grade adhesive that can damage the eyelashes over time.

Depending on the level of training, some programs may require you to take a final exam, while others will only offer a certificate. Regardless of the type of training you want, choose a school that provides quality instruction, a reasonable fee, and continued support for graduates.

To become a lash extension specialist, you need to get a license from the state where you plan to practice. Most states require a cosmetologist license to perform eyelash extension procedures, but some offer eyelash extension specialty permits. 

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