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What to Consider When Making a Guest Room in Your Home

Do You Want it For Yourself or as a Family Room?

Do you have a man-cave, trophy room – Anything that legally 26 degrees hotter than the standard air conditioning? Now you can have a room for yourself and something to wear. Let your budget go a bit wild, but focus on a few items so that you can be certain the room is actually bigger than what your previously thought.

More Lighting

Want to charm your house guests just a little better? Adding lights to the room will give it just the right atmosphere. Adding recessed lighting along the walls and possibly a chandelier over the bath to your home spa will have your guests following your lead. Just remember the bathroom can be a place for relaxation through some shade tree and your guests just might stay.

A Heated Towel Rack

This bathroom remodel idea makes for a nice gift for any mom on the mom-scape. Gather up all of those warm towels and wrap them up in a nice gift bag for mom. If you really want to impress mom, add a little rattan stool or a lazy boy and she’ll surely be impressed. If she doesn’t have a towel rack, she might have one to go in her closet for everyone to use.

Really Functional

Personal space is a personal space. It is up to the homeowner on what the purpose of the room is going to be. Also be sure to hire the right contractor like Lone Star Roofing company to make sure the roof of your ADU is set up right. If it’s all about you and your partner, include a set of two hangers for you and your partner. If you have a supportive partner, make sure he has a place that is off limits to her!

Nice Little Treat

Incorporate flowers, checkered wallpaper, or swirly fabric into your bathroom makeover. Get creative and add some of your favorite colors in your room. Whether this room for a man or a woman, with a couple of color splashes, it should reflect the personalities of either one of you. This bathroom remodel design is all about respecting your partner and making it a room that reflects both of you.

If you want a touch of feminine, but don’t have a million dollar budget, just take heart. Updating your rose colored bathroom with a plant, a few pendants or colourful pieces of art instead of sp shortened shower curtains and expensive fixtures will have your room glowing and all you need is some water. Maybe you need a new rug, or a new coat of paint to get started?

Redecorating a bathroom does not have to be very costly. If you’re willing to do a little crazy project, you can upgrade a bathroom for pennies if you work with the right resources.

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