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Top 10 Places to Visit While Traveling

Remember movies like July rem over the beach? If not, consider watching a movie about it! July is the month to remember as it is the month of largest theme parks in the world. Before you fly to your destination, you should definitely visit the animation festival at Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center. The next item on the list is, of course, Broadway. If not Broadway, then see a Broadway show. Countless shows revolving around movies and shows can be found, from throwback old standards to the latest War for the Planet of the Apes adventures. Finally, how about visiting a brewery? Many are now actuallyugeneral brewery tourand some even have their own breweries!

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has a lot to offer in terms of scenery and awesomeness. The giants of the world, Disney World, stay here all year while the theme parks die down. But in the summer it’s party time at Universal Studios. You can meet up with the Starkweather family in Port St. Lucie, visit the reef together at Sea World, visit the DooqualHop, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Beach Club, take a tour through the local area and be marveled at the bright orange homes.

New York City

The bright lights of the Big Apple are simply incomparable at night. Visit Greenwich Village, Central Park, Little Italy and Chinatown and be enchanted by Broadway’s magical combination of performances, dancing and dining. These are just some of the places to visit while you are there, and the neighborhoods are filled with diversity, stylish boutique shops, warm cafes and renovated warehouses teeming with life.

Puerto Rico Island

Located in the carribien of near southeast US, puerto rico island is a true paradise and the best place to get away from it all. Another fan favourite, the near island chains have been left unspoiled for centuries. Although you need a boat to visit, the islands are worth the trip, especially for the beaches. Also consider visiting the bio bay. It is a true once in a lifetime sight.

San Francisco

The vibrant city of San Francisco is legendarily legendary for its diversity, which is part of its appeal. Look out for the Golden Gate Bridge, the tall building across the bay that inspired Star Wars’ Mosquito Coast, celebrate the Nessie Trail, trek alongandel-lined trails in Wine Country and be astonished by the amazing tree-houses of the numerous gardens.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite so clean at Disneyland. The fairy-tale city of the Gold Coast is unfortunately not for children, but adults all claim to love it. Among the many attractions, their must-see is the lifesize gingerbread castle in Fantasyland.

Wine Country

The renamed Garden Route of the Western Australian wine makers is a world away from the green shoots of the fertile valley. Located in the Eastern Cape, the Garden Route changes all the way from farm to vineyard to wilderness. You can visit vineyards in every district, and there are also eco-tours of the area.

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