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Top Careers For IT Professionals

With the advent of the Internet, the need for IT professionals increased rapidly. Before you decide on a career, make sure you have an interest in information technology. Here are ten excellent careers for those of you interested in information technology.

1. Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Many areas of the computer industry are looking for talented and innovative college graduates. A software qa engineer is a computer software application developer responsible for designing and maintaining computer programming code with QA engineer skills. All major computer operating systems (for example Windows and Linux) have software engineers. The job outlook is bright because demands for these individuals will grow faster than the average. However, once you reach the top of the ladder, there are several paths that can lead to senior software engineer positions.

2. Network System / Data Communications Analyst

This particular job is closely related to information technology jobs. Here, you’ll work with networks, Internet systems, local area networks (LAN’s), wide area networks (WAN’s), and Internet data communications. This job is both high-paying and can be rewarding. Network systems analysts can make upwards of $70,000.

3. Computer Systems Software Engineer

This type of career list offers the most diversity. Professionals in this field range from system analysts to programmers, engineers, and programmers. There’s a great deal of prestige associated with these jobs, which also offers its own rewards. If you are interested in computer systems software development, there are several types of certification that can help you achieve this level of success. Also be sure to properly understand regression testing with regards to software development and quality assurance.

4. Computer Software Engineer

This particular job has a fairly large “range” in terms of educational requirements. You can usually get the certification for an entry level position; however, more advanced positions may require a bachelor’s degree or even more (depending on the company hiring you). Regardless of the position, however, the common complaint of this field is that it pays so well. The average annual earnings for a computer systems engineer are around $70,000.

5. Business Computer Software Analyst

This type of career is more of a “hands-on” career. There is training involved, but ultimately, there is a lot of creative thought that is put into the development of the product. Similar to the systems engineer position, engineering is definitely required, but not as much as in the other positions. Earnings range from $50,000 to $90,000 in this field.

6. Systems Analyst

If you are a technical person that likes to think about the systems that a company uses, there is a wide variety of opportunities for you in this field. A systems analyst does most of the higher level analysis for computer programmers and ultimately the company needs to make sure that the analysis is correct and the software is functioning properly. You can start out as a systems analyst or as a programmer and most people stay in this field.

7. ERP (enterprise resource planning)

For people with experience and an interest in the field of ERP, there are companies that can assist in finding clients and the technical aspect of ERP. They can get you connected with possible customers and then you can go from there. A masters degree is not necessary for this position. However, if you obtain the degree it can always be helpful as it opens more doors to getting you knowledge in the field.

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